Utah Catering and Cakes

Meet our new preferred catering service, Utah Catering and Cakes!  Chef Dana Johannessen is a remarkable culinary artist who has years of experience feeding thousands of people along the Wasatch Front including DoTerra conventions.   She has created recipes to accommodate Gluten-free, soy-free, well, allergen free entrées.  She offers exceptional food at realistic prices and displayed in impressive presentations.

Dana also loves making cakes of all styles and sizes.  Bring in a photo of what you would like, and she can tackle it.

We are confident you will become one of her many satisfied customers with her incredibly delightful menus that are all customizable.

Our clients have been very satisfied with Utah Catering and Cake’s quality food, presentation, and value. Remember, we highly recommend but don’t require.

For stress-free delicious food at Atrium, be sure to ask for our menu when you visit Atrium.

Atrium Weddings - Utah Celebrations food

Setup, service, and clean-up are always the responsibility of the food service providers. Prices are subject to change by vendor.